2021-2022 School Year: What Is to Come

We guarantee a productive and safe full school year for our students next year. Planning and preparation are of utmost importance in assuring our continued success as a school.


  1. We will have COVID protocols in place in September; we are not sure what they will look like but we do know that COVID will still be with us at the opening of the school year.
  2. Teachers will be fully vaccinated.
  3. In addition to in-person learning, we will also continue to offer an asynchronous program for the fall term for those that need to quarantine.

 Objectives/Goals for the upcoming year:

  1. All students that can safely do so will be on campus five full days/week.
  2. We will continue to uphold our high safety standards grounded in science-based evidence – recognizing that things will continue to evolve over the next several months.
  3. We will no longer have cohorts or pods and all classes will be back together again. We are able to do this because CDC guidelines have dropped social distancing from 6 ft. to 3 ft.
  4. We will deliver a developmentally appropriate academic program rooted in social, emotional, learning, and social responsiveness.
  5. We expect to run the Extended Day program.
  6. We will uphold our school calendar.
  7. We are looking for unique ways to promote our experiential learning program and are eager to resume school trips as soon as we safely can.
  8. Due to the changing landscape and our new digital capabilities, we will update our snow policy.

 Actions (What actions or planning steps can we take this spring to assure we meet these goals?):

  1. Reconsider our in-person learning spaces according to latest health/safety guidelines and protocols.
  2. This spring we will be reviewing our learning models, the pace of our curriculum and our in-school schedules.
  3. Continue to uphold high standards of safety. Remain current on health updates by continuously monitoring the evolving health conditions in our area – through the State and local Department of Health. This changing landscape will inform our mitigation strategies – if and when they can be relaxed or not.
  4. Recommit to our upgraded cleaning structures and our ventilation and fixtures that are already completed and in place.
  5. While consistently evaluating the evolving health situation, plan for several scenarios for the Extended Day program.

The coming months are going to be about fine tuning, revising and anticipating the curveballs. The good news is we’ve done this for a year already and we continue to get better at thinking things through, anticipating different scenarios and remaining nimble. We have proven that we have the right precautions in place. We have proven that our preventive measures mitigate spread. It is working and we are confident it will continue to work in the 2021-2022 school year.