Alumni Profiles

Sherie Randolph `84

A native of New Haven, Sherie Randolph was excited when she learned that her good friends and their children (her godchildren) were moving to her hometown. But it wasn’t until a few months of spying a familiar plaid and familiar school surroundings on social media that she realized that her goddaughter was attending St. Thomas’s Day School, her alma mater. After 35 years, she quickly became reconnected. Read more.

Rosalie Metro `90

Rosalie Metro ’90 has one impressive resume – she is a scholar, an educator, an author, a mediator, a consultant, a wife and a mother to two small children. Her accomplishments are many, although she says that her success did not come easily or without hard work, and she attributes her perseverance and overwhelming belief in herself to have come from her time at St. Thomas’s. Read more.

Candice Norcott `91

When Candice Norcott was in the second grade, she chose to study and research American Psychologist, Dr. Louise Bates Ames for the biographical unit at St. Thomas’s. After receiving a letter from Candice about her work, Dr. Ames showed up at the school for her final presentation. Although Candice remains unsure of just when she decided to pursue psychology, her mother cites this moment at eight years old as the inflection point. Read more.

Sara Nadel `92

Sara Nadel is the quintessential portrait of a St. Thomas’s Day School graduate – she embraces lifelong learning, she recognizes her responsibility as a global citizen of this world, she pursues understanding with an adventurous spirit and she demonstrates innovative and progressive thinking. Thirty-three years ago, Sara was a curious little girl in the St. T’s Pre-K classroom and today she is a PhD graduate of the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, a successful civic minded entrepreneur, and a wife and mother. Read more.

Megan Janeway `95

Megan Janeway is a surgical resident at Boston Medical Center, a safety net hospital for the Boston area. This past spring of 2020, she was repurposed to the COVID- 19 procedure team as Covid patients at the hospital reached 80% of admissions. As a hospital that is in one of the cities hardest hit by Covid and that largely serves the more affected low-income, Black and Hispanic communities; Boston Medical Center had a number of critically ill patients in the spring. Although a difficult time for all, Megan says she was honored to have served on the Covid procedure team and felt a sense of camaraderie from her co-workers who never questioned their essentiality or purpose. Read more.

John Paul Schapper-Casteras `95

John Paul Schnapper-Casteras clearly remembers the reasons why his parents sent him to St. Thomas’s as a kindergartner back in 1989. Of course, St. Thomas’s is known as an excellent educational institution with superb teachers, but what stood out most for his parents was the reputation the school had for social consciousness. That being said, JP’s life path may not come as much of a surprise. Read more.

Andrew Erdos `97

When you ask Andrew Erdos ’97, an accomplished artist and glassblower who has had his work shown all over the world, about success and goals, he answers in a way you might not expect. Success, he suggests, is most often measured by financial stability, however as an artist success is in having the ability to do what you love every day. And though he feels far from the pinnacle of his success, he finds joy in the climb up the mountain. As for goals, he says, “To just keep making art.” Read more.

Steven McDonald `98

Steven McDonald is an assistant professor of emergency medicine at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, where he has been working tirelessly on the emergency room floor fighting the COVID- 19 pandemic since March. In addition to his time on the front lines, Steven has taken a deep dive into advocacy work focusing on the disparities that exist for communities of color in the hospitals, in medicine, and in our country. Read more.

Dan Turner-Evans `98

Dan Turner-Evans has some advice for the students of St. Thomas’s Day School: “Don’t be afraid to explore and try new things. If you like learning, follow your heart wherever it goes.” These are wise words from a former St. Thomas’s student who envisioned a life working in engineering and applied physics but has found himself instead in the field of neuroscience. Read more.

Eamon Duffy `99

Eamon Duffy is in his third out of a three year residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore as of 2021. As an internal medicine resident, Eamon was part of the vast majority of doctors who had to regroup and spend quite a bit of time in the COVID ICU over the past year. His entire training experience was upended in a matter of weeks, and while it was a devastating and tragic time to be going through residency, Eamon chooses to focus on the positives. Read more.

Alexis Gage `00

Alexis Gage is one of New Haven’s most talented jewelry designers and here at St. T’s we are proud to call her one of our own. Starting her own jewelry design and fabrication business in 2016, Alexis has quickly made a name for herself and her business sales are steadily increasing. She is a true artist who creates custom jewelry out of precious metals and gem stones, inspired by her clients’ stories. Read more.

Philip Domfeh ’00

Disney recently developed a short film series called “LAUNCHPAD.” They selected six filmmakers from underrepresented backgrounds to produce live-action short movies to tell their stories and share their perspectives. An impressive venture by Disney, they chose our very own Phillip Domfeh’00 as the Senior Manager/Producer of LAUNCHPAD. But perhaps more impressively, Phillip also continues to successfully write, direct and produce for his own production company Cosmic Otter Productions. Read more.

Aleksandra Romano `00

When the topic of memorable sixth grade plays comes up in the St. T’s community, there is always mention of one particular alumna. In 2000, Aleksandra Romano took the stage as the lead in Charlie Brown and Friends and left an everlasting impression with her incredible voice and talent for theatrics. When asked about the performance today, Aleks honestly remarks that she doesn’t remember much about it except to humbly say “Yes, I do remember that our class had a lot of creative talent.” Read more.

Victoria McCraven `09

During her senior year at Dartmouth, Victoria McCraven ’09 was chosen as a Fulbright Scholar and was awarded a grant to study at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies. She is looking forward to working her way to a master’s degree in art history. This award followed Victoria’s vast array of studies abroad and her internships with the Hood Museum of Art and the Amistad Center for Art and Culture. It was during this time that she developed her interest in art history, particularly West African photography, and stacked up a long list of accomplishments and writing credits. Read more.

Spencer Lovejoy `10

It has been said that 10,000 hours of practice can turn anyone into an expert. That is certainly the truth for our alumnus and professional squash player Spencer Lovejoy, who  spends approximately four hours a day training, and has been doing so since long before he came to St. T’s. Spencer entered St. T’s in the fifth grade – a decision that was made by his parents in the search for a smaller and more academically challenging school. St. T’s was the clear choice made more special since it was the place where his father, uncles and aunt had grown up and gone to school.  Read more.