Sam Greco `05

Coming from a family of lawyers, it might not be a surprise that both Greco brothers took up the same profession, however each has done so in their own individual way. Sam is a 2005 graduate of St…. Read More

Megan Janeway `95

Megan Janeway is a surgical resident at Boston Medical Center, a safety net hospital for the Boston area. This past spring, she was repurposed to the COVID- 19 procedure team as Covid patients at the hospital reached 80%… Read More

Steven McDonald `98

Steven McDonald is an assistant professor of emergency medicine at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, where he has been working tirelessly on the emergency room floor fighting the COVID- 19 pandemic since March. In addition to his time… Read More

Sixth Grade Spotlight

The sixth-grade year is an important year in the life of a St. Thomas’s Day School student as they work on building their independent learning and leadership skills in preparation for the transition to middle school. The students… Read More

Fifth Grade Spotlight

One of the key elements of a St. Thomas’s Day School education is leadership development. Starting in Kindergarten, the School incorporates ways to build confidence in the students, allowing them to grow into responsible citizens and independent thinkers…. Read More

Fourth Grade Spotlight

The fourth grade year brings increased expectations and a sense of leadership as students transition to being in the Upper School. Students mature dramatically in this year and begin developing leadership skills as they become role models for… Read More

Third Grade Spotlight

The first three years at St. Thomas’s provided the third grade students with a solid academic and social/emotional foundation. This year, the focus will be on development of those skills and tools, and nurturing independence to help prepare… Read More

Second Grade Spotlight

Ms. Clark and Ms. Bonilla Natal’s second grade classrooms can be described as sanctuaries of learning and reflection. While the changes from last year to this year are perhaps a bit more noticeable to the second graders than… Read More

First Grade Spotlight

First Grade Spotlight The first grade year at St. Thomas’s is a year in which students show a tremendous amount of academic and social growth. First-graders cherish being with their friends above all else, and teachers are focused… Read More

Kindergarten Spotlight

Kindergarten has always been and remains one of the most magical years of a student’s time at St. Thomas’s! And despite the new safety guidelines and pod style learning, the Kindergarteners have shown unyielding enthusiasm and positivity. Additionally,… Read More