Character Education

Character development is a key component of a St. Thomas’s Day School education. The School is best viewed in the reflection of each student’s character – their appreciation for learning, their respect for near and distant neighbors and their ability to have fun. The school makes a profound and enduring impact on young lives by exemplifying honesty, compassion, fairness, courage, perseverance, wisdom, responsibility, tolerance and mutual respect.

St. Thomas’s Day School is committed to enriching the moral lives of our students.  Acknowledging parents and guardians as the primary moral leaders of their children, we work in close partnership to instill core values and virtues critical to success in life.  Positive traits such as respect, trustworthiness, responsibility, fairness, integrity, and kindness are modeled, taught, expected, celebrated and continuously practiced on a daily basis. These core values are the foundation of our school, guiding student behavior and inspiring children to do their best.