Experiential Learning

St. Thomas’s Day School is a lively place where children are actively involved in learning. We believe in exposing students to a broad range of experiences that extend well beyond our classroom walls.

Educational Excursions

Teachers at St. Thomas’s Day School extend the learning that happens in the classroom by planning a series of field trips and educational excursions related to the topics being taught. Field trips broaden the educational experience, deepen student knowledge in a particular subject and allow students to make connections. St. Thomas’s is fortunate to be located in a culturally renowned and academically rich community. All grades visit local and out-of-state museums, historical sites, galleries, etc. on a monthly basis.

Overnight trips include:

  • Nature’s Classroom (environmental camp)
  • New York City
  • Philadelphia 
  • Washington, D.C.

Integrated Learning/Makerspace

St. Thomas’s reserves two hour time blocks every week for integrated learning in the makerspace. The makerspace provides a place for students to create, design, think, explore and problem solve while learning. Students work with their teachers and the Technology Integrator on open-ended projects that demonstrate learning in content or curricular areas. While working students are exposed to a variety of technology tools that will enhance their learning and support the acquisition of technology skills.

Project-Based Learning

In this era of “hyper-change”, it is more important than ever for students to become independent thinkers who can gather, analyze and interpret information to form conclusions and make informed decisions. In fact, research supports that complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity are the top three skills workers will need to be successful in the workforce in the Fourth Industrial Revolution – 2020 and beyond. Students at St. Thomas’s Day School are encouraged to be inquisitive and seek answers through exploration, investigation and discovery. They are given time and resources to fully immerse themselves in projects and presentations that deepen their knowledge and understanding of concepts.