Mission and History

St. Thomas’s Day School is a diverse co-educational independent day school serving children from Kindergarten through grade six that is rooted in both character education and academic rigor.

Our Mission
St. Thomas’s Day School is a diverse community of children, teachers, parents and parishioners working together to foster learning in the context of faith and personal commitment. As a mission of Saint Thomas’s Episcopal Church, the Day School seeks to educate children broadly by cultivating intelligence while engaging heart and spirit. The School seeks to motivate children of diverse races, creeds, and backgrounds to become independent thinkers who appreciate, understand and serve others.

Diverse: We believe children who learn and grow together in a diversified community develop respect, openness, and appreciation for one another.  We embrace and celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and seek to strengthen the commonalities that bind us together as a community.

Personal Commitment:  Our safe and nurturing environment provides a space for students to build self-reliance and resiliency. Our dedicated faculty provide structure to help students set realistic and appropriate goals for themselves at they work toward developing a growth mindset.

Intelligence: The pursuit of academic excellence is achieved through a diversified curriculum based on the developmental stages of children.  The program is designed to prepare children to master conceptual learning as well as basic skills and capabilities necessary to thrive in our global environment.

Motivate: Responsiveness to children’s needs, interests and abilities is fundamental to our child-oriented approach.  We seek to develop children’s curiosity about the world, and foster confidence in their abilities.

Independent Thinkers:  Our learners make sense of the world through personal experiences and observations.  Teachers provide opportunities for students to think for themselves and problem solve.   Students are encouraged to trust their own judgements and to make well-informed decisions.


St. Thomas’s Day School’s Motto Lived out

Happy Minds: 

  • Exhibits academic growth and embraces life long learning.
  • Understands one’s own strengths and their place in the world.
  • Communicates and collaborates effectively. 
  • Our child oriented approach to learning is responsive to children’s needs, interests and abilities.

Open Hearts

  • Displays respect for others by exercising inclusivity, empathy, respect and compassion.
  • Acknowledges and understand diverse perspectives and cultures.
  • Recognizes the responsibility of being a citizen of the world.
  • Our moral vision fosters values of honesty, compassion, fairness, courage, responsibility and mutual respect.

Brave Ideas

  • Pursues understanding with an adventurous spirit.
  • Demonstrates innovative and progressive thinking.
  • Displays a growth mindset by engaging in courageous exploration and problem solving.
  • A web of trust exists throughout the community which creates an emotionally safe environment where children are empowered to take risks and learn from their mistakes.