What Sets Us Apart

Our School Culture

St. Thomas’s is defined by its values of kindness, respect, and inclusivity. Our strong, close-knit community fosters a sense of belonging and connectedness among students, families, teachers, and administrators.

Intentionally Small, Thinking Big

  • Tailored instruction
  • Individualized attention
  • Strong student-teacher relationships
  • Increased student engagement
  • Greater opportunities for collaborative learning
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Small student-to-teacher ratio

One class per grade:

  • Foster strong peer relationships
  • Provides a sense of belonging among classmates
  • Encourages social development allowing for a positive impact on student well being
  • Helps build strong connections fostering a sense of teamwork
  • Develops strong problem solving and conflict resolution skills
  • Small student-to-teacher ratio

"St. Thomas's Day School has been wonderful for my child. I am so grateful to have my child in a place where learning is this incredible journey. She can grow and evolve in a loving, safe place - overcoming the fears and trials of growing up, and celebrating her uniqueness while learning how to be a part of something bigger. I love the diversity, the curiosity, the adventurous approach to learning, the community...and of course, the exceptional education.”