Nurturing a Love of Learning

Lower School (Grades 1-3) at St. Thomas’s Day School consists of endless opportunities for students to explore, discover, experiment, and make connections, all activities that they do naturally as children. They are encouraged to investigate new ideas and pursue their interests and passions, while at the same time, learning to read, write, calculate, solve problems, and think critically. Collaboration is woven throughout all parts of the program, fostering social development, as well as promoting teamwork, improving communication skills, and building confidence.

Learning is Fun!

Walk through the door of any Lower School classroom at St. Thomas’s Day School and you are bound to find children laughing, smiling, chatting, and having fun. St. Thomas’s Day School is the kind of place where students are happy to be in school. Learning is made fun through developmentally appropriate, hands-on activities that pique curiosity and stretch thinking to new horizons. Each day is filled with new and exciting things for our young students to pursue.

Academic content is explored in the classroom, as well as in specials classes, including library, science, technology, physical education, and Spanish. Students also participate in a well-developed performing arts program, which allows them to demonstrate learning and express themselves through drama, dance, music, and art. Field trips and educational excursions further support the learning in the classroom by providing hands-on experiences and exposure to resources that would otherwise not be available.

You Belong Here!

While growing and learning in a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment, students in our Lower School are encouraged to explore their identities and uncover who they are as individuals. Each child is respected, valued and appreciated as a unique and special person. Similarities and differences are celebrated, cultural practices and traditions are shared, and a variety of perspectives are represented. The goal is to help students from diverse backgrounds recognize and know each other as human beings by demonstrating kindness, compassion, and understanding for one another.

You Can Make Difference!

From the moment students enter St. Thomas’s Day School, regardless of what age they arrive, they can recognize the ever-present culture of respect that permeates the community. Woven throughout everything we do are opportunities for children to learn about, discuss, and practice positive social behaviors, including responsibility, acceptance, kindness, and compassion for others. Children are empowered to make a difference in the world. Even our youngest students recognize that they can “make the world a better place”, whether it be through showing kindness to a peer, cleaning up the playground, or raising money for the local animal shelter.

We invite you to explore our Lower School curriculum and visit St. Thomas’s Day School to experience first-hand the wonder of our program!