St. Thomas’s Day School’s desire is that families who are committed to the school’s philosophy and values are able to attend.

St. Thomas’s is dedicated to having a socio-economically diverse student body that reflects the broad mix of the communities we serve. The School offers tuition assistance to qualified students on the basis of the demonstrated financial need and the availability of funds. The School maintains a considerable financial assistance program to ensure that qualified candidates have the opportunity to attend.

Annual Tuition

Annual Tuition 2024-2025
Kindergarten – Grade 6:  $28,313


St. Thomas’s Day School’s need-based financial aid program is designed to make a St. Thomas’s education possible for all families based on demonstrated financial need and the availability of funds. In order to standardize the process of evaluating each applicant’s need, St. Thomas’s Day School uses a third party called Clarity.

Clarity has established a secure, confidential and user friendly platform that provides details on how to submit all of the required financial aid documents to a centralized location instead of to multiple schools.  When you submit an online application, you will be able to track the status of your financial aid application.

St. Thomas’s offers financial assistance to approximately 39% of the student body, with the average award being $15,000.

How to Submit a Confidential Application

  1. Notify St. Thomas’s Day School of your financial aid application by February 15.
  2. Complete the Clarity online application by February 15.
  3. File a completed financial aid application with Clarity. This includes tax documents, monthly budgets and other financial statements.

Late Financial Aid applications for the 2024-2025 school year will be accepted on a case by case basis.

Apply Here

Helpful Tips

  1. Please do not wait for the deadline of February 15 to begin the application process. Financial aid applications through Clarity are available beginning August 1.
  2. Have all supporting documentation available including W2s and the IRS 1040s with schedules and other necessary tax documents.
  3. You can log out of the application at any time, then return later to complete. It is important to adhere to the deadline to ensure first round consideration.
  4. New student financial aid awards are given at the time of acceptance on March 10.

Payment Options

Monthly payment plans are available through FACTS Management Tuition payment program. Please visit their website to learn more and register online at FACTS.

If you prefer to make three installment payments,  you can do so through FACTS or by paying the school directly by check only. Payments are due on July 10, September 11 and January 10.

If you opt to pay in full, payment is due on July 1 via FACTS or directly to the school by check only.

Portrait of a Graduate

A St. Thomas’s Day School education is an investment in your child’s future.  School aren’t just about academics. They are about the development of the whole child. Families are looking for an education that fosters creativity, problem-solving, communication and good character. In this regard, the only real measuring stick is the quality of a school’s alumni.

Our students and alumni stand apart. They are recognized for their skills in leadership and teamwork, their compassion and empathy, and their understanding of the world.

Happy Mind

Exhibits academic growth and embraces lifelong learning.
Understands one’s own strengths and their place in the world.
Communicates and collaborates effectively.

Open Heart

Displays respect for others by exercising inclusivity, empathy, respect, and compassion.
Acknowledges and understands diverse perspectives and cultures.
Recognizes the responsibility of being a citizen of the world.

Brave Ideas

Pursues understanding with an adventurous spirit.
Demonstrates innovative and progressive thinking.
Displays a growth mindset by engaging in courageous exploration and problem solving.