Investing in Our Future

Dear Members of the St. Thomas’s Day School Community,

On behalf of myself and the Board of Trustees, I am pleased to present St. Thomas’s Day School’s strategic vision – Investing in our Future. This plan provides the framework for guiding our direction through 2026.  It represents the entire community and embodies the best of St. Thomas’s Day School. 

A defining characteristic of St. Thomas’s is its strong community. It’s no surprise that our initial focus centers around people – every child, every teacher, every family. 

We are a mission-driven school committed to cultivating intelligence while engaging heart and spirit. Our goal to boldly face change and embrace innovation within the context of our strong curriculum solidifies our commitment to academic excellence while developing a strong moral and ethical compass, a service mindset, and leadership capabilities.

Other strategic goals reflect our thoughts on how to provide outstanding facilities to meet our future needs – a space for children to explore, create, imagine, wonder, relax and play – and how best to ensure continued financial sustainability. 

This is a vision full of promise. The collective commitment and dedication of our community will be needed to make it a reality. We hope you will join the School in our continued pursuit of excellence.

I would like to thank the Strategic Planning Committee for devoting their time, energy, and expertise to this process. Our School’s culture of support and collaboration is stronger than ever. 

I am excited to partner with you!

Gina Panza
Head of School