Our Mission

St. Thomas’s Day School educates children of diverse backgrounds to become independent thinkers who appreciate, understand, and serve the world.

St. Thomas's Day School has been wonderful for my child. I am so grateful to have my child in a place where learning is this incredible journey. She can grow and evolve in a loving, safe place—overcoming the fears and trials of
growing up, and celebrating her uniqueness while learning how to be a part of something bigger. I love the diversity, the curiosity, the adventurous approach to learning, the community.... and of course, the exceptional education.

Current Parent

St. Thomas's Day School is known for its culture of excellence and its commitment to innovative and joyful learning.

We recognize each student as an individual, and honor their unique learning styles, talents and interests while providing a rigorous academic, social, emotional foundation.

  • Childhood is celebrated in an environment that promotes discovery, playfulness, happiness and creativity.
  • Each student is acknowledged and appreciated as a unique and special member of the community.
  • The school culture of kindness, respect, and inclusivity promotes connection and family involvement, creating a sense of belonging for all members of the school community.
  • Our balanced approach and diversified curriculum blends traditional learning with hands-on experiences.
  • Our unique size allows teachers to get to know students as individuals and provides the ideal setting for differentiation and small group instruction.
  • Students learn through an engaging and robust experiential learning program, which includes field trips and educational excursions that are integrated into our curriculum.
  • One class per grade provides an intimate setting for students to collaborate and develop strong problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.
  • Strong home-school connections foster a positive school culture and contribute to student success and happiness.
Childhood is a journey. Not a race.