St. Thomas’s Day School was founded in 1956 by the Reverend William Randolph Robbins and the congregation of St. Thomas’s Episcopal Church. Father Robbins founded the school as part of the parish; welcoming children of all backgrounds, creeds and races.

When the school opened its doors in 1956, there were a few children in the Nursery and two volunteer teachers. Within four years, the Nursery was replaced by a Junior Kindergarten staffed with paid teachers. In each successive year, a grade was added until the school included six grades. The first sixth grade to graduate was in 1970.

The foundation of St. Thomas’s Day School’s culture lies in its mission.  We believe the intimacy of the school fosters community by allowing for a warm, secure environment enabling children to learn in an atmosphere of trust, encouragement and respect.  Our School is remarkable in its diversity of families and each individual child is valued and celebrated on a daily basis.




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