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A Recommitment to Our Core Values

By June 2, 2020January 19th, 2024No Comments2 min read

Dear Members of the St. Thomas’s Community,

Diversity, equity and social justice are long standing core values of St. Thomas’s Day School. In the past several days, the events of racial injustice and tension have left all of us broken and angry. 

We have always been a school that empowers students to identify and speak out against discrimination.  We work with our students to recognize unfairness on an individual level as well as on an institutional and systemic level. We analyze privilege and power and think about how that power creates bias and negatively impacts the world. We acknowledge that it is our collective responsibility to fight against prejudice, exclusion, and injustice. 

Our students and families are among the people of color who are feeling unspeakable pain. We stand with you. As a school, we recommit to our unwavering dedication to teaching empathy, compassion, respect and inclusivity and encourage our entire community to provoke change and to be “upstanders” in the fight against racism. 

Each of us bears the responsibility to rise up and speak out, to do what we can to affect change. Together we unite as a community to guide and inspire others to make this a better world.

In solidarity,