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Students Score High in Math Assessment

By August 24, 2014January 19th, 2024No Comments1 min read

St. Thomas’s Day School students participated in a pilot assessment program conducted by the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools to measure math competencies at Connecticut independent schools.  The test, Connecticut Independent School Test of Mathematics (CISTM), is a professionally designed replica of the TIMSS, The International Math Test.

Doug Lyons, President of the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools, shared the following with Head of School Gina Panza:

“The goal of the CISTM is to provide Connecticut Independent Schools with a benchmark comparison relative to students in the 26 countries in the TIMSS sample.

St. Thomas’s Day School’s average student score falls in the highest band possible:

The average student score places the school at or above the achievement level of the countries in the top decile of performance (Singapore and Chinese Taipei).  You and the faculty at St. Thomas’s Day School should be proud of this result.”