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Sixth Grade Hosts Parent Speaker Series

By November 6, 2017January 19th, 2024No Comments2 min read

Raising awareness of other cultures, perspectives, experiences and viewpoints has, and continues to be, an important part of the educational program at St. Thomas’s Day School. Keeping in line with the School’s mission and commitment to social justice, the sixth grade has been hosting a Parent Speaker Series in which parents in the school community are invited to come in and share their passions and expertise with the students.

Augmenting the sixth grade study of US history, specifically the Antebellum period up to the Civil Rights, parent speakers have exposed the students to a variety of thought-provoking issues and have helped to broaden their understanding of current and historical perspectives.

St. Thomas’s is proud to announce the Parent Speaker Series presenters:

· Paul Berry P’20,’25 Associate Professor of Music History, Yale School of Music: Discussion on the influence of slave songs and popular music.

· Crystal Feimster P’18, ’22, Associate Professor of African American Studies, History and American Studies at Yale University: Discussion on the role of enslaved people and abolitionists in shifting the meaning/cause of the Civil War for the Union to a war for freedom/emancipation – thus highlighting the role of fugitives of slavery and the black military participation (Native Guards).

· Dwayne Betts P’20, ’23, famed poet and memoirist: Discussion on poetry, highlighting several works by Robert Hayden, one of his favorite poets.

· Miriam Gohara P’18, ’20, Clinical Associate Professor of Law at Yale Law School: Discussion on social justice and stereotyping, creating dialogue around current events and ways our kids can help make positive changes.

· David Simon P’14, ’18, Senior Lecturer, Political Science and Ethics, Politics & Economics; Director of Graduate Studies, African Studies; Co-Director, Genocide Studies Program at Yale University: Discussion on genocide to coincide with a unit on Africa.

· Daniel Botsman P’18,’22, Professor & DGS of History at Yale University: Discussion on social justice issues in Australia and Japan to coincide with a unit on Asia and the Pacific.