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Students Participate in a Portal to Tehran

By February 25, 2015January 19th, 2024No Comments1 min read

Sixth Grade students from St. Thomas’s Day School were invited to join the Yale University Art Gallery on Tuesday, February 24 in launching a Portal connecting the citizens of New Haven and Tehran, Iran in conversations about daily life.

The Portals are gold shipping containers that are equipped with immersive audio-video technology.  Yale Law School student Amar Bakshi is the founder of Shared Studios, a design collective that launched the Portals to get everyday people from very different cultures standing face to face and talking — virtually so.  Our sixth graders entered the Portal and had an opportunity to speak with students in Tehran.

This project was launched in New York City in December 2014 and received press from around the world.  To learn more about Portals, click here to view the Portal between New York City and Tehran.

Photos from a Portal to Tehran: