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Playground Ribbon Cutting Opens the School Year

By September 5, 2018January 19th, 2024No Comments3 min read

The 2018-2019 school year opened with a momentous ceremony to celebrate the completion of the new St. Thomas’s Day School playgrounds. An excited crowd of students, faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, alumni and friends gathered together to share in the joy of the historic day.

The ceremony started with traditional first day of school sentiments. A bagpiper led the students, faculty, staff and Board in a procession around the school and into the playgrounds. The community was welcomed with a short prayer and song, and Head of School Gina Panza acknowledged and applauded the Kindergarten Class of 2025 as well as new students.

Panza then directed her remarks at the students mentioning that today was a day unlike any other first days of school. “Today is special, as we will begin our school year on the playground and not in the Chapel. I am absolutely thrilled to have you here on these playgrounds that once started as a dream and today are a reality.”

Panza then took the time to recognize all of those who through their generosity, foresight and artisanship brought the project to where it stands today. Appreciation was extended to the students, faculty, administration, the Board of Trustees and the Church for their vision and guidance, and to Playground Project Manager Chris Ozyck for his unparalleled expertise, professionalism and thoughtfulness.”

A last, but extremely important, thank you was extended to all of the generous donors, many of who were in attendance. These community members helped to build a unique place of play and assured many more years of outdoor exploration for the students.

The ceremony commenced with the sixth graders joining Mrs. Panza up front as they took their position next to her as the leaders of the School. On a 1-2-3 count the ribbon was cut and the playgrounds were officially opened for play.

St. Thomas’s Day School would again like to thank everyone who supported the reconstruction of the playgrounds and who attended the opening day ceremony and ribbon cutting. We wish you all a happy, healthy school year!